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He even has adoring fangirls. Attack on Titan has Willy Tybur, a charismatic noble who seems to be popular amongst politicians and diplomats from all over. He's is the true leader of the Kingdom of Marley and plans on wiping out every Eldian on the planet by making the rest of the world unite together and declare war on Paradis Island, the Eldia Empire's last stronghold.

Eren Yeager is lauded by the Paradis civilians for opposing the government and launching a bold assault on Marley. He has a powerful faction dedicated towards installing him as the supreme leader of Eldia. Akagami no Shirayukihime : Before murdering his father and using his supposed last words as a reason to change his stance on the subject, Touka Bergatt presented himself as the more calm and rational member of the family, who did not take any umbrage with the Royal family taking most of the family's lands from them due to their abuse of their subjects.

He managed to keep his old allies with his clever emotional manipulation due to the "tragic" death while gaining his old opponents in a plot he'd been working on from a young age, as he is furious his rightful "possessions" both the land and the people were taken from him. In Heavy Object Skuld Silent-Third appears to be a harmless girl but is in fact a violently insane Serial Killer who murders civilians, enemies, and her fellow soldiers alike.

However she is skilled enough as an Elite that the higher-ups are willing to allow for a higher rate of "attrition" in her unit.

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Between them suppressing stories that expose her true character and Skuld's tendency to kill journalists who get too close, Skuld is widely seen as a benevolent, holy maiden. Comic Books. Batman : Hush is busy impersonating Bruce Wayne when Gotham City Sirens rolls around, and he has managed to lure Harley Quinn to a secluded spot on the roof of a skyscraper, prepared to act horrified and shocked when she completely falls off of her own volition, not in any way pushed by anybody standing near her , when the entire affair is interrupted by an attack of The Joker's mooks.

Now, he has the option of gunning down Harley and Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the back as they flee and claiming self-defense, or gunning down the attacking zeppelin and becoming an even bigger hero and celebrity to Gotham. He starts gunning the blimp. The animated version of Selina Kyle is an outspoken animal rights activist, and when she was found not guilty at her trial, the assembled press and citizenry cheered her.

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Also sometimes depicts himself as a "reformed legitimate businessman" while actually a crime boss attempting to take over half of Gotham, though nowadays he seems to truly be reformed it won't last, it never does. The Riddler has ascended to the high ranks of Gotham society because of his cunning manipulation of the media, and savored the role as Gotham's new "darling detective". Despite his numerous counts of larceny, complete disregard for human life, and the occasional murders of past days, his well-trained media circuits embrace him for his Sherlock Holmes -like method of deduction and flamboyant sense of personal theatrics.

Outwitting the Gotham populace had never been so easy.

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The Ghost Rider villain Deathwatch, as his alter ego Stephan Lords, was a benevolent and generous businessman. He blamed Ghost Rider for the destruction of a homeless shelter that he built underneath one of his office buildings and the deaths of the people inside it — when Deathwatch himself had been planning to use them as a food source to fuel his hunger for the pain of others. In their first run-in with Brother Blood, the villain manipulated the Teen Titans into attacking church members in full view of TV cameras.

He then played it off as a terrorist attack by costumed vigilantes and staged his own fake death to put the blame on the Titans. His priestesses explained that he would rise from the dead, as he had done several times before. The ploy went a long way to legitimize the Church of Blood within America and made it difficult for the Teen Titans to act against him.

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  • Considering that his name is Brother Blood , he has a Satanic wardrobe, and his church is decorated to look like a cross between Hell and Transylvania, how anyone would not see that this is clearly a mustache-twirling villain of the first order is anyone's guess. He's really good at the whole "charismatic cult leader" thing. Even Dick Grayson himself joined the Church of Blood at one point!

    Lex Luthor : Lex got himself elected president and proceeded to cause problems for the Justice League. Well before that, he was a classic Teflon-coated Corrupt Corporate Executive , on which absolutely nothing illegal could ever be pinned, no matter how involved he was. And yet he is widely regarded as a selfless and brilliant philanthropist, Supergirl thinks he is a very good man, and the Justice Society are proud of calling him their friend and benefactor.

    When the truth comes out, Supergirl fears that no one would believe her due to the power of his reputation. In the Secret Empire story arc, Captain America fights and brings down a criminal conspiracy led by an Anonymous Ringer for then-president Richard Nixon. Senator and later President Callahan, the nemesis of Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan , who has the habit of killing people close to him for sympathy ratings whenever one of his misdeeds becomes public.

    At least the citizens prefer him to any other ruler they've had, and even most members of the super-hero community will admit he's better than the alternative. As head of state, he enjoys diplomatic immunity during his official visits to the States.

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    On his "unofficial" visits, however Ozymandias from Watchmen. He is a public hero and has his own product line, including action figures. Wonder Woman : Wonder Woman : White Magician poses as a hero but is actually part of the chain of supply of the new high tech flooding Boston's streets and is using his knowledge of the tech in question to outright murder criminals even if they're trying to surrender. Veronica Cale's shtick is that she's a prominent scientist and Corrupt Corporate Executive who works hard to keep her petty hatred of Wondy and villainous acts from becoming public knowledge.

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    They quickly gained public support for hunting down rogue heroes that wouldn't register with the government. In Secret Invasion and throughout the Dark Reign period, he got promoted to the head of all government superheroes. A large part of the reason he got away with this is that he positioned himself in the media as The Atoner , and he also pointed out that he wasn't the only Green Goblin. He eventually lost his position when he had a major breakdown caught on camera, showing that he hadn't been able to put the Goblin that far behind him.

    Dark Reign also shows the disadvantages of this trope.


    You just know Osborn wishes he could simply pumpkin bomb them like in the good old days. The fact of the matter is that they're ruthless criminals, but their publicity is so good, that J. Jonah Jameson likes them , and he normally hates superheroes. The fact that the Spacemen are allegedly astronauts like JJJ's son, who he considers a real hero, is probably a factor. Edwin Alva from Milestone Comics is the leader of an international criminal organization, but is viewed by the public as a wealthy and influential philanthropist. Buffy the Vampire Slayer : In Season Eight, vampires and the supernatural end up public knowledge thanks to Harmony being caught on camera biting Andy Dick.

    Harmony uses it to her advantage to spin vampires as innocent victims, and Slayers as a speciesist group preying on them , capitalized by the fact that many humans experienced a thrill when bitten by vampires ; it's to the extent that in early Season Nine, Buffy gets arrested by the San Francisco Police Department for dusting one. As Seasons Nine and Ten go on, public opinion against vampires begins to shift, eventually leading to the cops starting a supernatural crimes unit. Cobra from G. In the Marvel series , they got their own country via diplomacy. In the IDW series , they got a rare burst of good publicity by handing out emergency supplies.

    They killed the Guardsmen who had them, and Cobra did cause the emergency in the first place A major theme in Sin City is that nearly all of the main villains are public figures that are beloved by the media and citizens. This is mostly seen in the Roark family, a family of crime bosses that hold religious and political offices and have had a tight grip over the city for over a century now.

    He's a well-respected trader who uses his reputation as a cover for an opium smuggling ring. In the 3D animated film adaption The Adventures of Tintin , which incorporates plot elements of Crab with the Golden Claws, Ben Salaad is a mere minor character , with the role of villain passed to Sakharine. In the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, this status was bestowed on long-time villain Ixis Naugus. Due to a combination of the public's mistrust of NICOLE following her previous brainwashing by the Iron Queen fueled by Naugus' own Hate Plague magic and Naugus' own actions to defend New Mobotropolis from both Eggman and the Battle Bird Armada, his support amongst the citizens reaches the point that they gladly appoint him their king.

    The Reach, the aliens who created the scarab that empowers Blue Beetle , present themselves as benevolent visitors while subverting the populace from within with their Scarab Infiltrators. They do this because, despite their advanced technology, they lack the manpower needed to wage full-scale war with any planet that is worth their interest. The Transformers: Monstrosity has the Decepticons as an Aversion. Its prequel gives them the sympathetic public, as they portray themselves as heroes and freedom fighters against an oppressive government.

    They are not trusted by all the public though, and people rally against them when it becomes clear that they aren't better than the government.

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    Monstrosity has Scorponok blow up an Oil Refinery, which puts a hole in the planet and kills thousands, after that, the Decepticons lose all sympathy and the masses start evacuating. Starscream in the IDW comics succeeds in this trope during The Transformers: Robots in Disguise , successfully conning both the Autobots and Decepticons and turning the far larger neutral population to his side, effectively making him the democratically elected ruler.

    The comics go on to show how difficult it is to get this trope down. All of his actions are being reported on by the media, and even slight outbursts of anger can end with him getting in trouble, numerous citizens either in his old faction, the Autobots, and even the Neutrals don't trust him, and he's always under scrutiny. He manages to get his public opinion up, the only problem is his actions have also lead to the Autobots getting recognition and the publicity bringing them almost up to his level. He can sway a crowd, but he has to constantly be on the move to keep the goodwill coming.

    TransGene in Astro City story "Pastoral". They not only are acquitted of all charges after Roustabout accused them of kidnapping him and others and subjecting them to experiments of which only he escaped with his life , they get Roustabout convicted of breaking and entering.