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But when Cain killed Abel, [God] cursed him to be white. Yahweh [God] gave him [the white man] a hedge of protection and gave him 6, years to rule. The devil's rulership is up. Nation of Yahweh theology borrows liberally from the Nation of Islam NOI , a much better known black separatist group of which Yahweh was briefly a member in the s. Copying another lesson verbatim from Muhammad, Yahweh also taught his followers that an English pirate named John Hawkins delivered the very first enslaved Africans to the New World in on a ship named Jesus.

Though wildly inaccurate, this lesson continues to set the agenda for Nation of Yahweh members. The Nation of Yahweh's ideology is also heavily derived from the Hebrew Israelite belief system, strains of which have existed in America since the s.

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Hebrew Israelites believe that God is black, and that they are the authentic descendants of the Old Testament Hebrews who escaped Egyptian bondage — the "true Jews. Nation of Yahweh members refer to themselves as the "tribe of Judah" not to be confused with the Nation of Islam's "lost tribe of Shabazz". One key difference between Hebrew Israelites, who are often referred to as Black Hebrew Israelites, and Nation of Yahweh members is that while the Hebrew Israelite worldview is based mainly in the Old Testament, the Nation of Yahweh also subscribes to the New Testament — except, of course, they believe their messiah to be Yahweh ben Yahweh instead of Jesus Christ.

They interpret the gospels of Christ's persecution and crucifixion as a foretelling of Yahweh's federal court trial and recent death. After serving in the military and attending law school, Mitchell moved to Atlanta in the mids and joined the Nation of Islam, becoming Hulon X. He then left the Nation of Islam in the late '60s after being accused of embezzlement and pedophilia, only to resurface as a tithe-hustling faith healer and prosperity preacher named Father Michel, a character he cut from the cloth of Father Divine and Samuel "Father Jehovia" Morris, gaudy African-American ministers of the early 20th century who identified themselves as God.

The man who would become Yahweh ben Yahweh left Atlanta after his business partner was murdered and his "Modern Christian Church" congregants sued him for fraud.

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He arrived in Miami in at a time when the city was seething with racial tensions and black rage. Once there, he gathered recruits from the city's loosely knit Hebrew Israelite movement, declared himself a black messiah, and started up the Nation of Yahweh. Along with building a multimillion-dollar business empire, the Nation of Yahweh earned public acclaim for its community revitalization projects in poor African-American neighborhoods throughout what is now called Miami-Dade County. In , Miami Urban League head T. Willard Fair bestowed the Whitney M.

Young humanitarian award upon Yahweh. As the Nation of Yahweh thrived, however, its dark side played out in apocalyptic preaching against "white devils," a firebombing, the hostile takeover of a South Florida housing complex, the beheading of a temple dissident with a dull machete and the murders of white Floridians whose ears were hacked off as trophies.

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After Yahweh and six members of his "Circle of Ten" security force "death angels" were imprisoned in , many of Yahweh's followers left the Nation's Temple of Love headquarters, or abandoned the Miami area altogether. Shocking disclosures from the trial about Yahweh's involvement in killings and sexual relationships with underage girls caused many followers to renounce him.

Most of the Nation's many properties were foreclosed and seized. For a while, the Nation of Yahweh all but disappeared. In , the same year Yahweh ben Yahweh was paroled, the Nation held two lavish conferences in Montreal, Canada. Followers also created a website — www.

New posts to the site continue to this day. The only reason I can think of is because of his messiah complex. In their teachings, Nation followers defend claims that Yahweh ben Yahweh is the one true messiah by referencing the dictionary even more than the Bible. Citing Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary to the page number, the Nation of Yahweh website provides definitions of "father," "Christ," "Messiah," "Jew," and "Israelite" before concluding: "From these facts, Yahweh ben Yahweh, the son of Yahweh, is the Christ, the Messiah, who is the expected or awaited King and Deliverer of the tribe of Judah, the Hebrew Israelites, descendants of the patriarch Jacob.

Its legal arm, the Miami-based Abraham Foundation, provides legal representation to "innocent, indigent Hebrew Israelites. No police signed up for the overtime duty, in large part because the funeral fell on Mother's Day. Instead, the Nation hired a private security firm. One of the guards on the premises identified himself to the Report only as "Jerry," a licensed private investigator who'd been working for the Nation of Yahweh for several years. What he could reveal was that "these people pay me very well.

In fact, they pay extra for me to be loyal to them.

Believe me, those people have a lot of money. Which is what makes their missives about overthrowing wicked governments disconcerting. Many current posts on the Nation of Yahweh website demonstrate that members continue to believe that the FBI, CIA and other government agencies are plotting against them.

In their "Rising of the Beast Out of the Sea" lesson, Nation of Yahweh leaders decry their enemies: "They refuse to cooperate or submit to the power of [Yahweh].

Yahweh - Brutal God of War

The "Word War" article drips with anti-Semitism, arguing that "mainstream Jews" — that is, Jews of European descent — exert "control over the publishing and entertainment industries, the educational and judicial systems, and all other businesses and professions of this world. Coming Soon: 'The Roundup' One of the more infamous figures of the Nation of Yahweh, Job Israel was convicted in along with Yahweh and five followers for his role in at least 14 murders, including that of would-be Yahweh follower Leonard Dupree, whose head Job Israel bashed in with a car jack.

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Job was the Nation's master barber. According to Khalil Amani, the former member who testified against his former comrades, Israel also was the most charismatic and fanatical member of the Nation. He was blinged out before it was popular," says Amani. He was so righteous you couldn't talk to him about anything worldly. And he was a killer. While imprisoned for nine years with his leader an arrangement he begged the judge for , Job taught barbering and cosmetology to inmates.

Nation of Yahweh Mourns Loss of Leader, Shows Signs of New Life

Upon his release, he built his own hair and beauty products business called Judah's Gold. At Yahweh's funeral, Job wore a custom-fitted white military uniform with black embroidery. Gold and diamond jewelry graced his pinky finger, neck, jacket epaulettes and turban. Moses learns his true identity as an Israelite and, after killing an Egyptian, flees to the land of Midian where, in time he encounters Yahweh in the form of a burning bush Exodus 3, Moses never reaches the promised land of Canaan himself owing to a misunderstanding he has with Yahweh in which he strikes a rock for water when he was not supposed to Numbers 20 but he turns over leadership to his right-hand-man Joshua who then leads his people in the conquest of Canaan as directed by Yahweh.

Once the land is conquered, Joshua divides it among his people and, in time, they establish the Kingdom of Israel. El was the chief deity of the Canaanite pantheon and the god who, according to the Bible, gave Yahweh authority over the Israelites:. When the Most High [El] gave to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of men, he fixed the bounds of the peoples according to the number of the Sons of God. Deuteronomy , Masoretic Text. The Canaanites, like all ancient civilizations, worshipped many gods but chief among them was the sky-god El.

In this passage from Deuteronomy, El gives each of the gods authority over a segment of the people of earth and Yahweh is assigned to the Israelites who, in time, will make him their supreme and only deity; but it is clear he existed beforehand as a lesser Canaanite god. An essential link between Yahweh and copper is suggested in the Book of Zechariah where the dwelling of the God of Israel is symbolized by two mountains of copper Zech.

In Isaiah , Yahweh is explicitly mentioned as the creator of both the copperworker and his work…Such an involvement of Yahweh is never mentioned elsewhere for other crafts or human activities. The god of metallurgy generally appears as an outstanding deity. The overwhelming importance of the god of metallurgy reflects the central role played by the copper smelters in the emergence of civilizations throughout the ancient world.

He further claims that the name of the god of the Edomites, Qos, is an epithet for Yahweh and notes how the Edomites, a people closely associated with metallurgy, were the primary workers and administrators of the copper mines at Timna and, further, that Edom is never mentioned in the Bible as challenging Israel in the name of a foreign god; thus suggesting that the two peoples worshipped the same deity Particularly compelling are his arguments from biblical passages and the archaeological evidence cited from the ruins of the mines of Timna.

Yahweh, according to Amzallag, was transformed from one god among many to the supreme deity by the Israelites in the Iron Age c. In this new age, the Israelites in Canaan sought to distance themselves from their neighbors in order to consolidate political and military strength and so elevated Yahweh above El as the supreme being and claimed him as their own. Miller and Hayes comment:. During times of peace, the tribes will have depended heavily on Baal in his various local forms to ensure fertility. But when they came together to wage war against their common enemies, they would have turned to Yahweh, the divine warrior who could provide victory.

Yahweh-as-warrior is evident throughout the Hebrew scriptures which became the Christian Old Testament and warrior imagery is also apparent in passages in the New Testament which drew on the earlier works ex: Ephesians , Philippians , II Timothy , I Corinthians , among others.

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By the time these works were written, the worship of Yahweh had undergone a dramatic transformation from what it had been in the early days of the Israelites in Canaan. In time, this practice evolved into worship of deities such as El, Asherah, Baal, Utu-Shamash , and Yahweh among others. As the Israelites developed their community in Canaan, they sought to distance themselves from their neighbors and, as noted, elevated Yahweh above the traditional Canaanite supreme deity El.

They did not, however, embrace monotheism at this time. The Israelites remained a henotheistic people through the time of the Judges, which predates the rise of the monarchy, and throughout the time of the Kingdom of Israel c. In BCE, following the death of Solomon , the kingdom split in two and a new political entity, the Kingdom of Judah with its capital at Jerusalem , emerged in the south.

The kingdoms of Israel and Judah periodically warred or allied with each other until BCE when the Assyrians destroyed Israel and, in keeping with their usual military policies, deported the inhabitants and replaced them with others from their empire. Judah was able to withstand the Assyrian military campaigns but only by paying tribute to Assyria.