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Various tribes of the world are slowly vanishing, and the culture of the world is coming to an end. The impact can also be seen on India.

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However, as oil separates from water, similarly the impact of western civilization will remain separate from Indian culture. The essence of Indian culture will always remain pure, for the definition of culture in India is: samyak kriti iti sanskriti. Sanskriti is translated as culture. Dancing, singing, music, and so on, are projected as cultural presentations and programs, yet they are not cultural.

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They are the programs of a community. Every community has its own music and art. People call the programs of the community cultural programs, and they think of culture as dancing, singing, music, as in the western world.

People go to nightclubs as a part of western culture. The culture of the western world is accepted. If a person is unable to take decisions, and lacking faith in himself, instead adopts the beliefs, character and behaviour of others in his life, thinking that the others are better and more advanced, then there is no bigger fool than him in this world. Today India is passing through this foolish and idiotic phase, yet it is similar to the oil which floats on water. After the oil floats and flows away, the water can be seen once again.

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Samyak kriti iti sanskriti means that when the karmas of one's life can be discharged in the most harmonious and balanced way, then that expression of karmas is called sanskriti. As long as sadhus and sannyasins are in society to disseminate their teachings, sanskriti of India will never be a thing of the past and only found in the pages of history books. The day there will be no sadhus and no sannyasins, Indian civilization will definitely come to an end. One hundred people can be materialistic, yet one spiritually awakened soul can manage these hundred materialistic beings. Even if only one sadhu is present in India, sanskriti will not die.

Sadhus and sannyasins are the great souls who walk on this path, know this path, understand this path and are continuously striving to re-ignite this tradition. Sadhus and sannyasins have no family so when they die no one is there to cry for them.

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Nobody will know where they died. In a family when someone comes and leaves, it is a matter of joy and sorrow respectively. Sadhus and sannyasins keep themselves away from these social vrittis. They study society and at the right time propagate the right teaching. At different periods in history are great souls become the motivators for society, who are the guides and bring the directionless, lost society back onto the right path.

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India belongs to avatars, siddhas and sadhus, it is a country where the spiritual tradition is still alive and active. To earn money people go to America and other countries. Shaivism , organized worship of the Indian god Shiva and, with Vaishnavism and Shaktism, one of the three principal forms of modern Hinduism. Shaivism includes such diverse movements as the highly philosophical Shaiva-siddhanta, the socially distinctive Lingayat, ascetics such as the dashnami sannyasin s, and innumerable folk variants.

The Vedas speak of the…. Shankara , philosopher and theologian, most renowned exponent of the Advaita Vedanta school of philosophy, from whose doctrines the main currents of modern Indian thought are derived. He wrote commentaries on the Brahma-sutra , the principal Upanishads, and the Bhagavadgita , affirming his…. Badrinath , village uninhabited in winter and shrine in northeastern Uttarakhand state, northern India.

It is situated in the Kumaun Himalayas along a headstream of the Ganges Ganga River, at an elevation of about 10, feet 3, metres. It is located along the twin mountain ranges of Nar and Narayan on…. Sannyasis, like other sadhus, or holy men, are not cremated but are generally buried in a seated…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!

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Akhadas of Sadhu Sannyasins at Kumbh

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