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By Romanike , December 17, in Writers' Corner. No one can tell who made the spheres with twelve faces or why or what the Romans called them: maybe Corpus Sacrum. Maybe something else. We refer to them as pentagon-dodecahedra.

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But that is a modern word, and an uncouth one, too. A hundred are known. Many have been found in France, in Belgium, they seem highly concentrated in southern England and at the middle course of the river Rhine. There are as many assumptions on their use as there are dodecahedra. None is conclusive. Alas, the classical authors have not mentioned or described them. Or have they? There is a haunting quote by a man from the second century, Marcus Valerius Martialis. He referred to mysterious items he called the Pilae Mattiacae — the Mattiacian Spheres: Sapo: Si mutare paras longaevos cana capillos, Accipe Mattiacas - quo tibi calva?

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Soap: If you want to change your highly aged hair, use Pilae Mattiacae - why have a bald head? No one has excavated a Pila Mattiaca or found its image, and it was never mentioned again. The only clue we have is its name.

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The Mattiaci were the people who lived in the Roman age at the middle Rhine, right where so many spheres of twelve faces have been found. So what if — just if — the Pilae Mattiacae and the dodecahedra were one and the same thing? And once they may have attracted the attention of a stargazer who understood how to use them. And he made them his tools of power. The tale of the numinous spheres with twelve faces is told in this and the following parts of the Corpus Sacrum trilogy.

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The next volume, "The One who Never Dies", will be published in The described events take place in A. Note that our publishing platform, Xinxii, has assigned us Authors of the Month in December ! Congrats Romanike - a nice honour being Authors of the Month for December. With the completion of the final part of this, I have begun uploading print files of the complete series at Createspace.

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Will share - thanks. Thanks for this post! I've heard bits and pieces of this information before but it's great to have it explained so nicely in a single post. I got this link via Christina Henry.

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Oh, goodness. Thank you for all comments. I'll let JC know that people found this useful. Thank you again. Had read some of this before on other authors' pages, but this is one of the better and well-put together as in having the most information about the different steps in one place ones I have read. Thank you.

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