Manual The Prophecy of the Ages: Of War and Choices

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I love how you entertain us and also teach us so much in your writings. Well done!!! Best of luck to all the entries in the contest, and Anne, please stay well and keep writing.

Saint Germain on the Golden Age

Anne we are new to each other. I am glad I came across your post and I look forward to reading your books. I love the history of my homeland. Prophecy is such an interesting subject, because it can be interpreted differently in hindsight than in sight.

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Also it can be amazing how predictions of the time the prophecy is being fulfilled are wrong because he event predicted has not happened. Would enjoy the chance to read your book, I must add it to the list. Looking forward to reading your new book. I am a long time Anglophile, making me the odd duck in my family. Best wishes. This prophecy is something I have never heard of before.

Your book is right up my alley and I look forward to reading it. This is such an interesting post. I had never heard of this prophesy. I wonder if Edward III invented it or was it a real prophesy that was handed down from early English history. Whichever is true it is intriguing. Can not wait to read your latest book. I have loved everything you have written. Thank you Anne for bringing history to life. Love your books and look forward to reading this one. Fascinated with Merlin prophecies and there impact. Need to read more of these prophecies. Any suggestions? I very much enjoy your books especially because you write about characters that are not so familiar as say Henry VIII and his wives.

I enjoy those too but they have rather been done to death.

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We know that when we pick up one of your novels we can be immersed in another world completely and just lose ourselves in that world. Thank you for your wonderful writing. My favourite period is medieval history particularly around the time period of Edward III but I love all of it. It is good to find a novelist that sticks as much as possible to the truth of what actually happened. When it gets a bit far fetched it irritates me because I know it could never have happened in that way.

Fascinating post. You bring history alive. Would treasure a signed copy. Anne your writing is getting better and better as you continue to write your books. Very pleased with your success. You deserve all the attention you are getting now. Yoyr books are fabulous! They take me away from my day to day worries! On the negative side of the ledger, the cycles of the next 12, 33 and years portend wars, plagues, political tyranny, economic turmoil, even the sinking of continents. But this need not be. Roger Bacon, the first modern scientist, said the purpose of studying astrology is to avoid its negative portents.

Age of War 2 Insane Difficulty

Bacon believed that it was possible to avoid wars through the study of astrology. He said that if leaders of the Church had read the astrological warnings—such as the comet of , which preceded the battles that broke out all over Europe—they might have averted the wars of their times. Saint Germain was embodied as Roger Bacon. He read the handwriting in the skies when he was Roger Bacon, and he reads it today. He brings a warning and a prophecy of the negative portents of Aquarius. He also comes to tell us that we have the power to change the future and to make the Aquarian age a golden age. The scientific breakthroughs of the next 12 years—and the next years—could greatly improve the quality of life for all.

The Prophecy of the Ages: Of War and Choices

They could provide greater wealth and leisure, greater health and longer life. They could help us launch a real revolution in education. These new discoveries will give us new powers. But we will need a commensurate spiritual revolution so that we will use these powers wisely and well. In our lifetime, we will have to decide where to draw the line.

Points to Ponder

Scientists have already genetically engineered pigs and cows to bear human genes. They have grown a human ear on the back of a mouse. It was precisely this kind of genetic manipulation taken to extremes that led to the sinking of Atlantis.

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Will we use new communications technology to educate and inform—or to control people and deprive them of their privacy? Will we decide that people with defective genes shouldn't be allowed to procreate—or even to be born? Scientific progress is on the verge of permanently dividing societies into those who understand technology and those who do not. If that happens, the technological elite will control the wealth and power. The technological have-nots will become a permanent underclass.

Not brilliant or groundbreaking or hugely original. Or much originality at all. But it is solid and it holds together and it has a pretty good core. I can't complain about what it does at all, only what I wish it would do. And that is my problem, not the book's problem. It's a satisfying and above-average book. So what's my problem?

I just feel like something big is missing. The last battle here was pretty cool, maybe even awesome, but the rest seemed to plod along without much flavor. I wish it was a bit spicier.