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More accurately, WotC has so named this novel. It is neither Micheneresque nor Rutherfordian in style. It's set in near-current time and has mostly new characters. It has no pretensions of going the way of Evermeet or Cormyr. That was the original plan, with Khelben's long life the focal point of the plot, but the Powers That Be decreed otherwise.

I think readers will enjoy the story more if they think of it as "a" novel of Waterdeep, not "the" novel of Waterdeep. Thank you for the reply and for a entertaining interview. I meant that you'd disclosed the name, not chosen it.

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Current time boo, new characters yay, etc. Dargoth Great Reader Australia Posts. Hmm August , I thought it was coming out in May Either way, it's too far away! I want to read it now , if not sooner! I am looking forward to this one, seriously. It's a great combo all the way around: the wonderful and talented Elaine, the man himself, Ed, and the best city in the Realms.

What's not to love? Winterfox Senior Scribe Posts. Say, some time before or after Exar Kun's time. Yes, I actually like the EU -- more than the movies, if anything. So sue me.

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Hur hur. On-topic: do we start a count-down or what? Yeah, we need a site with a countdown to this novel's release date. I agree. After all, we "DnD nerds" care about the Waterdeep novel as much as those perverts care about the Olsens Forgive my ignorance, but does anyone know what this novel will be about? I go search on the internet and I find dozens of sites on Waterdeep, but nothing on this upcoming novel.

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I think there are brief descriptions for the novel in both the Cunningham and Greenwood threads. Gwen's life becomes complicated, however, when she discovers she has elf blood in her, which explains her psychic abilities and her preternaturally youthful appearance. Reviewing Shadows in the Darkness for Booklist, Kristine Huntley called the book "a fast, fun read with a likable, hip heroine," while a Publishers Weekly critic declared Shadows in the Starlight "almost too much of a good thing.

Publishers Weekly, September 13, , review of Shadow in the Darkness, p.

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It is also difficult to believe that Mrelder's efforts alone led to the rumors of Lord Piergeiron's death spreading like wildfire across a city like Waterdeep. Furthermore, the outcome of Lord Piergeiron and his bodyguards' excursion into the Dock Ward was highly unlikely and improbable; he was hit by a tavern sign and collapsed like a 0-level commoner? The paladin warrior lord of Waterdeep??? Are you joking? Moreover, Mrelder neutralized Waterdeep's archmage, Khelben Blackstaff, with such ease and efficiency that he successfully kept him incapacitated throughout the story, while the latter's apprentices were presented as if they were buffoons.

Are you kidding?

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Mrelder did that? Additionally, what friends would leave their buddy alone and drunk in the seedy part of the city as the Gemcloaks did with Beldar at the Gelded Griffon?

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Other drawbacks include the ill relationship between father and son that makes you want to skewer them both, but most importantly the "genius" that conjured them! Finally, Ed Greenwood and Elaine Cunningham could have and should have done a much better job when dealing with a part of the Realms that they know better than the back of their hands. In conclusion, The City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel will provide for a fair amount of entertainment though it could have been so much better.

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