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I can teach just about any age and skill level and cover anything you are interested in learning; whether its a certain style, genre, technique or song.

The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast; Episode #7: Michael Cichowicz

Most students work out of a method book appropriate to their skill level. Aside from that we'll also spend time learning songs and pieces of the students choice. My students should have a working instrument as well as any method book or sheet music we are working on. Nathan R. He specializes in early music, most notably in difficult high-register music for Baroque trumpet. Before formally studying Baroque trumpet, Justin won first prize in multiple historical instruments divisions of the National Trumpet Competition. Justin continues to perform as both a soloist and ensemble musician, combi ning ongoing North American engagements with new collaborations with leading Baroque ensembles in Denmark as well as in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe.

As a modern trumpeter, Justin has experience performing in orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz ensembles, pit orchestras for opera and musical theater, British brass bands, and numerous chamber ensembles. Before beginning his college career, he was principal trumpeter of the DC Youth Orchestra and had the opportunity to tour Japan as a trumpet soloist. While in Ohio, he was an alto section leader in the chamber and chancel choirs at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland and was the countertenor with Cantores Cleveland now Contrapunctus. In addition, Justin briefly served as a bass section leader at Church of the Covenant in Cleveland.

Justin also plays recorder. As a graduate assistant, Justin taught courses in ear training and music appreciation, and was a harpsichord tuner. Justin [B. The trumpet part in the second [Brandenburg] concerto is famous for its fiendish difficulties, and Justin [B. The most virtuosic could use such techniques to produce certain chromatic notes outside this series…Justin [B.

Justin B. About Daniel Daniel, a former faculty member of Columbia College in Chicago, is a studio and live performance singer and musician based in Chicago. His teaching and performing experience spans three decades, and includes expertise in the studies of voice, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and trumpet, along with music theory, arranging, and composing. He has taught students of all ages at private studios, public school, and college.

Daniel is described by his students as a natural teacher. He prefers to be regarded as an advancing student, and takes the journey along with his students to guide them towards their goals with a friendly, positive, efficient and productive appro ach. He feels that music is within all of us, and a desire to learn is a sign of talent, so anyone can develop their musical abilities with methodical practice. The musical journey for Daniel began at an early age with trumpet and piano studies which became a passion for him by the age of He was the drum major of the high school marching band, and successfully completed a paid contract to arrange music for the high school jazz band which performed in a state beauty pageant.

He began teaching privately after high school, and continued playing in bands, and composing original music. He formed a professional jazz ensemble under the name of the Chicago Jazz Players by the age of 22, and developed his arranging techniques while having it performed by an eighteen piece orchestra consisting of many great local artists.

It was in this environment that he gained experience with brass, woodwinds, and rhythm instruments. He was granted a position at Columbia College as an instructor at age 29 where he taught theory, sight singing, musicianship, ear training, harmony, orchestration, and composition. He scored the music for several plays, and conducted his own pieces with Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera Players. During those years he found himself playing the guitar and singing more than anything else. It was in that he focused on singing and playing the guitar with his rock band.

He has produced several CD recordings of his original music in his own studio, and has helped produce local bands and artists. He performs regularly in the Chicago area.

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Most beginners can expect to have a working knowledge of music notation and how it applies to their instrument within three months, and should be developing fluency in performing music that they enjoy within six months. Advancing students will enjoy the rewards that will follow by studying with an experienced teaching musician that will recognize strengths and weaknesses, and recommend proven techniques for personal musical development. Studying music should be fun, fulfilling, and in harmony with the needs and desires of the student, and this is key to the philosophy held by Daniel. I expect the student to have an instrument.

I prefer that a student has a music stand. Daniel K. About Jon Jon N. He has been performing since the age of three, on several instruments, studying music since fourteen, and still takes lessons to this day. What's not to love? They are encouraged to select the music they want to learn, so we have worked on classical music and original compositions, which I also coach, jazz, blues, pop, rock, the Great American Songbook, reggae, seven different kinds of Jewish music, and other ethnic music from all over the globe.

Frequently the younger students will request a tune I've never heard, but I magically transform the MP3 into a handwritten score at the student's l evel. Example, one of my adult beginners wanted to play the big symphonic poem Scheherazade, and I wrote out the main tunes for easy piano.

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Jon N. Skokie, IL About Jake Jake has been teaching private lessons since and is currently available to teach lessons at your home. Jake has helped students build a strong musical foundation through fundamentals. His students have performed at national competitions and won auditions across the country.

Jake received his training at Arizona State University and University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh from where he received a degree in Music. As an expert in his field, Jake looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Jake's teaching style is focused, flexible, and centered around discovering what makes music fun!

Studies and Improvisations for Trumpet: Foreword/Bio scored for Trumpet Studies

Jake S. Evanston, IL Upon arriving in Chicago, I have taken on a role as the Director of Music at Marquette Park, where I serve as something between an artist-in-residence and a band director. My acumen as an instructor and music director has allowed me to become the Director of Music at Marquette Park on Chicago's South Side, providing city-subsidized instruction to a largely under-served population.

I'm very passionate about helping people realize their own internal goals, no matter how far off those goals may seem. I already feel we can work together to help you achieve them, and we haven't even met yet! My mix of academic training, professional experience, and natural affability make the learning experience easy, stress-free and fun. Let's learn together!

Foreword, Preface, & Introduction

Matthew R. About Seth I am a versatile trombonist who has experience in many musical ensembles. These include orchestral, concert band, brass quintet, jazz band, jazz combo, brass band, and Marine Corps Band settings. In the band, I perform regularly in military ceremonies, as well as concert bands, brass bands, and brass quintets. Before joining the Marine Corps, I studied with Dr. Matthew Wood of Auburn University. Here he studied with Mr. Ken Ebo. I graduated from the Naval School of Music in April Seth A. Since graduating from DePaul, Brendan is now one of a handful of working trumpet players in the Chicago area.

He is also the resident trumpeter at St. Luke Evangelical Church in Lakeview.

18 April 12222

Brendan has performed the national anthem at multiple DePaul sporting events, and was featured as a soloist in many ensembles within the School of Music. I like to let students discover things that interest them on their own while guiding them in the right direction by ensuring the use of good fundamentals. When a student is enjoying what they are working on in a lesson is when they are most attentive and absorbent of information.

Therefore, if a student seems to respond more to a specific kind of music, teaching method, etc. I want my lessons to be fun and enjoyable while at the same time setting students on a path for success in music or whatever discipline they may pursue! Brendan D. Glenview, IL.

Wallace Roney

He was a member of the trumpet faculty at DePaul University for five years and has presented performances and masterclasses at Northwestern, Roosevelt, and Northern Illinois Universities. Augmented Nature is here and available to order online! The improviser is embedded within each soundscape, lending subtle comment, drawing attention to otherwise unnoticed aspects of each sonic universe sometimes almost imperceivable , and with a deep love and respect for all around.

Around the same moment that the project began, Tom coincidentally met with an old friend from London, who was working in Research and Development at the BBC, developing binaural and 3-D recording technology for classical concerts. As a result, the recording should be enjoyed using headphones, in order to best appreciate the full 3-D effect of the music. The listener is invited to enjoy the results as they wish - as a soundtrack for an imaginary film of their own making, or, like, Cage would perhaps have suggested, to listen without any reference at all to the sound-sources - taking each sound from zero, simply accepting it as it is, just as it is.

We hope you enjoy it!