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Most solid nonmetals, on the other hand, are insulators solids whose conductivity is nearly zero ; they offer virtually infinite resistance to electric currents.

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A third class of solids possesses electrical conductivity that is neither very high nor very low; these solids are called semiconductors. A principal triumph of quantum mechanics in solid-state physics is the explanation of these extreme variations of electrical conductivity in terms of the atomic structure of the three types of solids. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

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Solid-State Physics - Introduction to the Theory | James Patterson | Springer

Understand how electrons and holes behave in semiconductors, and explain how they conduct current. Explain and give simple models for Schottky and PN-junctions. Explain how ligh emitting diodes and solar cells work. Know the basic physics behind dia, para and ferromagnetism. Differentiate between local Curie and band Stoner contributions to ferromagnetism. Know what superconductivity is and qualitatively relate it to lattice vibrations and the density of state.

Introductory Solid State Physics with MATLAB Applications

Skills The student is able to Build models to understand the physical properties of solid matter. Critically evaluate the approximations needed to build models to understand the solid state.

Solid state physics - Lecture 1: Introduction

Write a short scientific paper on a published research work in solid state physics. General competence The student should Have insight into classical and quantum mechanical laws which can be applied to explain the properties of the solid state. Formulate and understand theories explaining the behavior of the solid state.

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Know the role of solid state physics in important technological developments. Read and be able to understand research articles in certain fields of physics. Grading Scale The grading scale used is A to F.

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    1st Edition

    Type of assessment: Written examination Date For this 2 nd addition new material has been added on the evolution of BEC to BCS phenomena, conducting polymers, graphene, highly correlated electrons, iron pnictide superconductors, light emitting diodes, N-V centers, nanomagnetism, negative index of refraction, optical lattices, phase transitions, phononics, photonics, plasmonics, quantum computing, solar cells, spin Hall effect, and spintronics.

    The major addition to this 2nd edition is an extensive solutions manual, in which all the text problems are discussed.

    2nd Edition

    The problems in our book cover a wide range of difficulty. The solutions in this manual are expected to show what we expect to get out of the problems. In the manual, we have also included a brief summary of solid state physics which should help you get focused on problem solving.

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    5. Solid-state Physics |
    6. Introduction to Solid State Physics.
    7. We have also included "folk theorems" to remind about the essence of the physics without the mathematics. This expansion makes it definitely a candidate for a contemporary class. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

      Physics Condensed Matter Physics. Free Preview. Show next edition. Second edition of a successful textbook Presents the rich teaching experience of two gifted professors Covers the important basic aspects of the entire field of solid state physics Comes with a page manual of exercises and solutions to support learning and teaching Very valuable graduate textbook see more benefits.