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She has a gentle and healing nature which does not seen to be marred by her turbulent past. She is the perfect distraction for lonely workaholic Owen. Star Cruise: Stowaway was a pleasurable read with a well built world and characters which draw you in from page one. I look forward to reading more from Ms. The dragon went missing on the day her mother died and returns on the day her dad announces he is getting remarried.

In a collection of stories, it is bound to happen. There is going to at least one story that does not tickle your fancy. Unfortunately, The Real Dragon was that story for me. It was difficult for me to get beyond the point when Emma was talking with someone from her past. They had a long conversation that hashed out the details of their history and the day Emma lost her mother and it slowed the pace of the story.

There are others who may read this collection and say this one is their favorite one.

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  • Questioning Martin Heidegger: On Western Metaphysics, Bhuddhist Ethics, and the Fate of the Sentient Earth?
  • Rinelle Grey.

Ten is designing investigative robots for a rescue mission planned by Anastasia and the two grow close while working together on the mission. When faced with sabotage, will they be able to save the mission and their budding relationship? There were parts of this short story by Alex Glynn Later that I did enjoy, but there were other parts that were too difficult to get past. First off, for those readers like me who are not technical or engineer minded, the descriptions of the robot building may be hard to follow. Secondly, there is a well planned build up of the relationship between Ten and Anastasia, until it seems to fall flat when Anastasia keeps her distance the night before the mission.

I respect her choice but there is no harm in a little cuddling or kissing before the mission. It was a letdown for me and I chose to move on to the next short story. As I mentioned with The Real Dragon , there will be readers who may find this is their favorite one of the collection.

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StarDog by Laurie A. Laurie A.

StarDog was strong enough to draw me back in after not being sold by the prior two short stories. Thank you Ms. It was interesting to see a close look at a spaceport, a concept that is mentioned in many science fiction romance novels but is not always fleshed out. The hesitation by the characters was realistic given their past experiences but it did not slow the pace of the story.

It kept me hooked and reading, wanting to know what would happen to Adini and Taro, or even Katrina. Graig and Simone develop a relationship while Graig is stationed on Earth to assist the humans after an attack by another alien species. Unfortunately they are separated when Graig is drawn back to the Atlantis by his job as a security commander for the Guardian Fleet. Will he realize his prior life and duties no longer hold any appeal without Simone before it is too late?

She can consider that mission complete. Kirk provided enough of a glimpse of the cherished characters featured in her Prophecy series to make me, and hopefully other readers, want to read more about them. Escape Run by Carysa Locke Teegan is a part of the Talented, a species created for their valuable powers and gifts. She is a hunter who can track down others, along with her gifted pet fox named Ember.

When Cole comes to Teegan for help hunting down someone from their past, can they both keep their feelings out of the mission? Carysa Locke, the pen name for a friend writing duo, is the reason I chose to read Pets in Space. I highly recommend the Telepathic Space Pirates series, which includes Pirate Bound a prequel, book 0. I hope my review was helpful. I highly recommend Pets in Space , a short story collection which includes nine talented authors.

Science fiction romance stories are always enjoyable but when you add loyal pets in the mix, it takes the plots to a whole new level. Kate is the last of her kind. The Native Americans who had formed a truce with her family called them lumpeguin, but you may know them better as mermaids. At the beginning of the novel we find Kate living on Lake Erie, collecting colored beach glass to make jewelry for her shop called The Glass Mermaid.

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She seems content to work away the rest of her days at that shop; that is, until she meets Cooper, the handsome and shy painter who paints the Lake Erie sunsets while she collects her colored beach glass along the shore. The Glass Mermaid by Poppy Lawless is a beautiful tale of two pained souls who have the potential to mend each other. Lawless does not make it easy of course. Lawless has successfully created two complex and intriguing characters who could carry a story all on their own, but when put together cast pure book magic.

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I have lived in eastern Pennsylvania all my life and have surprisingly never visited Lake Erie in the northwestern corner of the state. I discovered The Glass Mermaid through an instaFreebie promotion a fellow author posted on social media. The stunning cover caught my attention with its use of a sun exposure affect on an image of a girl sitting on a lake dock.

Plus, The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney movie. The Glass Mermaid reveals a bit of a dark side to being a mermaid in modern times but it only adds to the depth of this lovely novel.

To claim your free copy of The Glass Mermaid , please click here. If you have not signed up for Book Bub, what are you waiting for? You get free notifications about free or cheap eBooks in your favorite genres. But back to the book review. When I first saw the cover, the bright pink and black color combination drew me in. I knew there was a chance it would be cheesy but it was free to download to Kindle so I figured I would give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did!

I read the entire book in one day. Then to my relief, I looked up the author on Goodreads.

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Nocturne Falls, the namesake and location for the series, is a place where tourists go to celebrate Halloween days per year. Little do they know, the supernaturals roaming town are not an act and really are who they seem. After Delaney witnesses her mobster boss murdering someone, she runs for her life to Nocturne Falls in the guise of a mail order bride. Hugh is a year old vampire who is determined not to marry again after the death of his first wife centuries ago, but he agrees to meet with the woman chosen for him by a matchmaking agency to appease is grandmother. Sparks fly when the human and vampire meet but the most interesting part of the story is watching them confront the unveiling of secrets and dealing with the hurdles thrown their way.

Their relationship is put to the test in a short amount of time which makes the romance scenes even more rewarding. The witty banter between the characters was amusing and kept me wanting to turn the page to see what they would say next. A part of me wishes Nocturne Falls was real so I could move there or, at the very least, take a road trip. A good book makes you homesick for places you have never been and this book did just that. Based on the book descriptions, the secondary characters I fell in love with in the first book will get their time in the spotlight as the series progresses.

He crash lands on Zerris, a planet removed from the map of the Colonies after it was supposedly destroyed, and discovers it is inhabited by a small village. As winter sets in, he must depend on the hospitality of Marlee, a beautiful and caring woman who may need his help as well. Marlee has lived on Nerris her whole life.

Her mother was pregnant with her when she made the journey to Nerris after their home planet of Semala was hit by an asteroid. Unfortunately, the gas on the planet has rendered many people infertile and they face the danger of not being able to repopulate.

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The Council tries to overcome this dilemma by dictating that everyone change partners if the pairing does not result in a pregnancy within eighteen months. When Tyris crash lands on Nerris, Marlee takes him into her home as a way to avoid being forced to pick a new partner. In the cold of a Nerris winter, will sparks fly? The cover was visually stunning and the plot intrigued me. I figured why not, I will give it a shot. Reckless Rescue sucked me in from the first chapter and I read the remaining books in the series in quick succession.

Reckless Rescue gives off a M.