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But how did I get to this garden. How does my garden grow? I came to thoughts of my garden through the yearning for the spring that will eventually, soon come.

The plants have begun waking up, growing beneath and above the soil. The diversity of textures, colors and the fragments of a diverse grouping that will six months from now form the messy wholeness surrounding me, my home and my studio. Flowers and plants surround me, not just in the summer, but throughout the year. Part of my studio is in a greenhouse. In the winter the Oleander and geranium pots sit under and behind my easel and bloom despite the incredible fluctuation of temperature, moisture, sun and darkness.

Upstairs, in the living space, gardenia, orange trees, begonias and orchids blossom.

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The scent of dirt and sweetness occasionally breaking through the smells of a family inhabiting the space, of turpentine fumes rising from the greenhouse below. Originally built in the s, always family owned and operated, a dying breed. Behind the shop is a community garden in which we grow also tend plants. From mounds of dirt, rich from compost of the neighborhood composting project also housed behind the shop, sprouting tomatoes, squash, strawberries, onions, kale, kohlrabi, Thai Basil, By August one has to forge her way through the plants, the odds and ends collected, and the low hanging branches of the old willow tree, along the edge of the dugout foundation of a former section of the greenhouse, now also planted full with flowers and vegetables.

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The flower shop is a community within the community. Forty-five years the current owners have tended this garden. Weekly I find myself there, helping and being helped. To survive as a flower shop today there are the arrangements done anonymously, orders placed online from somewhere in the world to be delivered locally, conforming to an image designed by someone somewhere, but not here.

Still they always make the most of it. And then their are the local orders. People coming into the shop, taking time to express their wishes and desires.

Tom and Jerry Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary, Episode 144 Part 2

The florist have freedom to play with the flowers. This past week the worktable was filled with white wicker baskets. The baskets a variety of green shapes, sizes and textures. Big, fluffy white and pale blue hydrangea, small, pale lavender iris with an Indian yellow gash in the center, dainty pink and lavender mini flowers of a kind I cannot name. I photographed a section of the basket. When I see a combination of colors, shapes, and textures I am wont to do this.

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  7. I usually end up deleting the photos that are rarely looked at again. But this image I keep coming back to.

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    They were stunning, and a waste on the dead. Hopefully not on the living who would attend the service.

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