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I'm just starting on my journey to become a school librarian. First MLIS course beginning in 3 weeks. After working 7 years in an international school as the assistant to the elementary school principal I've longed to teach and am looking forward to learning the skills I will need to join the fascinating, challenging, ever changing field of teacher librarian:. I think the role of the librarian is evolving as it should. If a school already has credentialed teachers teaching Computer science and English the librarians job isn't to teach the classes instead of teachers.

I have seen elective teachers As much as I feel librarians are essential Art , photography and drama taught by experts help students get a holistic education. I would love to hear more. I am a first year teacher, but I have always wanted to be a librarian. I have a family member in education who suggested I get my M. Although I enjoy teaching, every time I walk past the library I dream of being in there. I have so many ideas and thoughts on how I can make our librarian more engaging and full at our school. Our librarian is great, don't get me wrong. But she is getting close to retirement and I'd like to take over when she does.

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Because it's my first year, I am not sure how to approach this topic with my admin. I'd love to hear what you think! I have a typo!!! Our librarian, again, is fantastic! But, she is a little old school. I want our library to be the heart of the school. Thanks again :.

Rae- I think you should go for it. Share the lessons you plan together with other grade level colleagues. Start taking one class at a time. You might be anxious to get into the library but your time as a classroom teacher will set you up to be a strong instructional partner at your school! Except it's not the best job If you are new at it, that is.

In every school I've been in, the new librarian is expected to do 3 times the work that the old librarian did. A tenured person who's been there 20 years, and who has done pretty much as they pleased, retires, then they hire the new person and basically make their lives as difficult as possible. Position are also routinely eliminated or combined when someone retires.

I've been required to do a physical activity club??? My current district waited until late November to give me access to a printer or teacher computer, or an SLS - I don't even have keys to my 3 libraries yes, 3 in case I have to lock down. It's not just in one place, it's like this almost everywhere now. After several years of giving it my best, I doubt I will last another month at this point. Have you tried connecting with some online communities for support? Could you help?

Classroom Management: 4 Keys to Starting the Year off Right

What a terrific post! I am researching for my next podcast episode and would love to cite this and mention a few key points. Thanks so much for all these great ideas. Thanks for sharing! These are good things to know, so that I am more prepared when I become a librarian.

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Great Article. My question is, were you a classroom teacher before becoming a librarian and if so, for how long? Also have you only been a middle school librarian? I currently work in an elementary school so I am wondering about the differences. RSS Feed. What's the Scoop? Landmark Supreme Court Cases. Thinking about becoming a school librarian?

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  • Read this first. School librarian -- it's a fantastic job. I feel confident that I, unquestioningly, have the best job in the school okay, maybe I'm tied for best job with my co-librarian. I love talking to people who are considering a school library media certification and helping to grow our incredible profession.

    Because, well, it isn't. Every level is different -- I speak with the voice of a middle school librarian. And I really want you to join this magical field, but I want you to do it for the right reasons.

    School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

    Tired of teaching? Sure, we don't have to manage huge amounts of parent communication some librarians at other schools ARE on the master schedule, teaching technology classes, reading classes, yearbook classes, research classes. We may not do as much grading although I know that 9 out of 10 of us offer to do grading for the instructional components we support but we DO spend a whole lot of time teaching. Sometimes I teach seven out of seven periods in a day, without a planning period or lunch.

    I run a busy, instructionally-focused middle school library and we often have two or three classes in the library at a time. Our kind of teaching is very different from that of a traditional classroom teacher -- I have different kids every day, different subject areas, every day. We collaborate across the curriculum and I find that I often have to change my teaching style to align with the teacher with whom I am working. You're currently accessing eBooks.

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