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This results in an increased capacity to live in honesty and dignity, with an underlying sense of peace. The process of inner transformation is both spiritual and psychological. The spiritual work is about awakening to higher states of…. Self-worth comes from one thing — thinking that you are worthy.

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Our thoughts and actions, in fact…. In a loving relationship, how is it that the person we care for more than anything else in the world, that inspires our very best self, can be the one to provoke the absolute worst in us? Psychotherapists and Path of Love Leaders Talib and…. Bushe Are the events of your life under your personal control or determined by forces outside of yourself? You are responsible for yourself, whether you like….

Sometimes it freaks me out how comfortable I feel meandering in the morbid gardens of my imagination, quasi fantasising about the ruin that could befall me. Why does my mind keep pushing me into dark corners, forcing me to…. A week in Wales with a lifeboat of fellow passengers reaps surprising results I am stretched out on a mattress in front of a log fire, tears running down my face, crying for my sister, as my mother strokes my hair and whispers into my….

In this special podcast, Path of Love Leaders Talib and Shubhaa discuss the role of leadership, transparency and vulnerability, both in life and in business. Dear friends of Path Retreats, As I turn my attention from the last year and look forward to the next, I am particularly struck by the remarkable blessing to not only witness and participate in the profoundly amazing personal transformations that happen in the Path…. To begin, Rachel tells the story of her own Path of Love experience…. Turiya Hanover takes a radical approach to the personal and social problems of our present time, bringing spiritual activism to a whole new level of global involvement through simple but extremely powerful principles.

Listen to the Soundcloud recording here! The increasing interest in wellness has led to an influx of spas and retreats offering various services. This revolution has made targeting specific concerns a whole lot easier. Feeling well and good is a daily discipline…. Love in Action is the final piece of the Path of Love,….

Path of Fire and Light: Advanced Practices of Yoga

Characteristics have developed through the course of my life. Those close to me…. It is often said that the goal of yoga is to heal the dis-ease of separation. Since Rafia Morgan has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work, and has been conducting workshops and trainings in countries around the world. Over the years he has passionately investigated his own inner world and has participated and trained in innumerable spiritual….

In the past 40 years of leading workshops, her work has evolved into an East-West approach…. Serious things…. Like many of us, Rafia Morgan turned a life crisis into a quest to a fulfilling life. It led him to not only explore deep territories within himself and fellow humans, but also to teach and travel the world. It was a crisp autumn night when I pulled up outside a niche art gallery in the heart of Collingwood in Melbourne.

This work we do…. People are happier if they are able to feel emotions they desire — even if those emotions are unpleasant, such as anger and hatred, a study suggests. The American co-founder of Path of Love retreats talks to Belinda Bamber about how his own experiences of love and sex have informed both his teaching and his current monogamous relationship Rafia Morgan is one of those rare men that people register when he walks…. What if there was a study dedicated to unearthing the secrets to a happy and purposeful life?

It would have to be conducted over the course of many decades, following the lives of real people from childhood until old age, in order to see how….

Vulnerability is about being honest, and this includes embracing our dark side. No matter whether we find ourselves on the conservative spectrum or liberal, we often abuse morals and ideals in order to avoid our own shadow.

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At the end of last year I went to Wales for the Path of Love pathretreats. One of the key techniques is The Burn…. Jane Alexander attends The Path of Love retreat and experiences real transformation With her marriage in tatters and self-esteem at an all-time low, writer Jane Alexander sought solace at The Path of Love retreat expecting yet another mellow hippie love-in. What she got was crying,…. For many of us, childhood was a somewhat confusing experience. We found ourselves caught between unconditional love, rules, traditions, punishments, at times humiliation, and even abuse.

Well, we came up with a very personal…. Can a week-long transformational workshop help singleton Rose Rouse open her heart to new love? The holes in our heart keep us from forgiveness. Lately, the issue of forgiveness keeps coming back into my mind.

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Our sense of worthiness lies at the root of almost everything that happens in our lives. It affects the way we relate to others and ourselves, the way we hide from life or throw ourselves into it, and the way we pretend to be weak….

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Is she psychologically strong enough to endure the mysterious Path of Love retreat? With emotional baggage in hand, Brigid Delaney checks in to find out. One night out with my former boss, he posed a question — would you rather have: a a trip to…. As I pulled into the retreat center circled with towering cedars, blossoming wildflowers, and the deep green richness emblematic of the Pacific Northwest, I saw smoke.

But it was. Local firefighters were just…. When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Most of us were. And I doubt we ever thought to question this fear. We were almost naturally taught to be afraid of the dark, because the dark is full of unknown things that might…. How powerful to see again and again, how this process, together with the Buddhafield of Osho Resort, is such an important resource for people who are working with people…. I drew….

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My life has been a quest for meaning and inner exploration…to find myself, to find ease with my own being, and to have a connection of significance with society and the world. It has led me to meditate with gurus in India, to work with shamans of the Amazon and attend many explorations and self-improvement programs, but I have never attended a course of such shining integrity and awe-inspiring elegance.

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With the depth and precision of a surgeon's scalpel, the facilitators removed my layers until I met my soul in its brilliance. The experience made a huge impact on my life, positively changed my attitude and turned me into an enthusiastic fan of Path of Love. If you could write the perfect symphony, the masterpiece of therapy for human beings, what would it look like? For me it looks like the Path of Love. Explore the mystery of the Path of Love and you will discover a beautifully crafted spiritual realization process which, at its heart, is a glorious journey into the core of the self.

Skillfully delivered in a nest of abundant safety and care.

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Conducted with exceptional grace and professionalism. A divine experience. The Path of Love? Scary, thrilling, profoundly moving, heart-warming and joyous in equal measure. Through friends I found the Path of Love at a time I was truly broken-hearted…just eleven months after the passing of my beloved. The Path of Love gave me the courage to face my calling and was a truly liberating experience that I would recommend for anyone who has the deepest desire to break through anything that holds them back from living in their greatest expression - and their best version of life.

I love the Path of Love process! It has helped me in so many ways through life, none the least, opening my voice and giving it new breath and new depth. Oct 3 — 4, Antwerp, Belgium In English. It is a dynamic and fresh discovery into what it means to be a human being, with all its contradictions, gifts, and challenges. Have you ever wondered…who am I underneath the distractions of daily life?

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Where can I find true contentment? What is the deepest longing in my heart? What is this sense of dissatisfaction? This feeling that something is missing inside, even though on the outside I might have everything? This workshop explores these deep questions and gives answers to how we can live in greater honesty and authenticity. By allowing our feelings and trusting our hearts, we learn to live with sincerity, trust, and courage.

Workshop Description: Walking the Path is a deeply enriching 4-day meditation retreat and personal growth integration for graduates of the 7-Day Path of Love retreat. April 23 — 26, Colorado, USA. Workshop Description: This 5-day teaching retreat is an opportunity for Path of Love graduates to connect and continue our journey of self-exploration in the Path of Love format, combining teaching, meditations, exposure work, and enquiry.

In our current climate of personal and collective trauma and the transition we are in as a human race, compassion is an essential quality to support this crisis. Compassion can hold and dissolve the deepest pain. Purification of thoughts and emotions : to prevent internal disturbances from extraneous thoughts and sentiments arising during meditation one needs to practice purifications such as:.