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Once this step has been performed, it is not possible to remove Natural Security from the Natural system file; to remove Natural Security from the system file again, you would have to delete the entire contents of the system file and re-install all Natural components again.

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This step must only be performed if Version 4. The following is an example of how to do this. When you log on with the new user ID for the first time, you must change the password by typing in a new password in addition to the user ID and password. Only perform this step if Version 4. Create security profiles for all system libraries of Natural and Natural subproducts installed at your site; see also Adding a New Library in the Natural Security documentation.

Refer to the installation instructions for other Software AG products for the corresponding security definitions to be performed. To automatically create security profiles for system libraries that is, all libraries whose IDs begin with "SYS" , proceed as follows:.

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When you invoke the function, a list of the system libraries of Natural and all Natural subproducts installed at your site will be displayed. For each system library, a library-specific security profile is provided in which all the necessary components are already defined appropriately. On the list, you can either mark with "AD" individual libraries to which you wish their pre-defined profiles to be applied one by one, or you can choose to have the pre-defined profiles applied to all product system libraries simultaneously by marking the corresponding product with "AD".

Note: This step should not be performed for SYS libraries containing Natural utilities, as it is recommended that these utilities be protected as described in the section Protecting Utilities in the Natural Security documentation. After Step 4of the installation procedure has been completed successfully, Natural Security is operational. Repeat the "Installation Verification" procedure for all Natural subproducts installed at your site. Lars Seier Christensen, chairman of Concordium, a blockchain network said in an email that is only natural for regulators to take a close eye at the cryptocurrency space.

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Clearly, there are major flaws in the ability to do appropriate KYC and AML monitoring and this has to be a concern for the authorities," Christensen said. There is a possibility that an early wave of regulation could kill off early adopters, according to Christensen. However, this wave could help the U.


When the cryptocurrency becomes the main item — like placing the cart in front of the horse — it falls victim to excessive speculation and sometimes criminal use," Christensen said. Companies: Facebook.

His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing. Bitstop introduces Bitcoin ATM. What in the world is the blockchain?

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How blockchain can prevent identity theft. Farewell to Blockchain Tech News. How can blockchain improve payments? How blockchain will transform digital signage advertising. The steps to making blockchain compliant with data privacy.

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