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A collection of meditations that takes one subject at a time, covering self-acceptance, fear, friendship, and love in depth. A book of daily meditations written by members of Emotions Anonymous. These words instill a sense of hope and inspiration for those of us who wish to live fully with their emotions. Written as conversations between sponsor and sponsee, these daily meditations explore the concerns, dilemmas, and struggles involved every day in recovery.

In these insightful and delightfully warm daily reflections, best-selling author Melody Beattie comforts and inspires us all as we begin to discover our true purpose in the world and learn to connect even more deeply with ourselves, the creative force, and the magic and mystery in the world around and within us. An Invitation to Self-Care uncovers seven principles for care that are rooted in self-empowerment and self-knowledge.

Through personal stories and observations, exercises and quizzes, and interviews with experts and everyday people, you are invited to consider self-care across your relationships, finances, spiritual and professional life and more. Al-Anon's daily reader brings fresh insight and much-needed support to anyone affected by a loved one's addiction. Best-selling author Melody Beattie offers a wellspring of daily affirmation and change in her classic meditation book on codependency, The Language of Letting Go.

This journal version provides a framework for deeper personal reflection. The front panel bears the Serenity Prayer and a slot to hold your favorite medallion. A collection of quips and wise sayings that have seen many through troubled times in recovery - delivering dose after dose of the best medicine. As we recover from an eating disorder, these meditations will help us find the power to develop and deepen our spirituality.

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Daily positive thoughts offer insight and ideas for meeting the challenges of ongoing recovery from eating disorders. This audio offers six guided imagery selections to help you visualize yourself relaxing and gaining strength in a peaceful setting. A guide to the quiet place within. Just as recovery requires daily practice, so does physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In The Recovering Body, seasoned health writer, Jennifer Matesa ignites the recovery community with the first-ever guide to achieving physical recovery as part of your path to lifelong sobriety. Chronic debt takes a terrible toll on a life.

This inspiring book of daily meditations offers respite, hope, and practical advice. Deeply entrenched social stigma have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades. The vacuum has been filled with sensational mass media depictions of people with addiction that perpetuate a lurid fascination with the dysfunctional side of what is a preventable and treatable health condition. A grass roots social justice movement is emerging Whether it's a peer, a child, a teenager, your closest friend, or a total stranger who's putting you on the spot, the Responding to Anger workbook gives you the tools, techniques, and know-how to defuse anger, work through it to greater intimacy, or sense when it's best left alone.

A Day at a Time is an essential recovery tool for compulsive gamblers, these daily reflections and prayers offer us hope, support, and guidance throughout the year. The Joey Song is the poignant story of a defiant addict and the mother who won't give up on him. She finally realizes that it hurts more to hang on than to let go, and that letting go is not the same thing as giving up. Sandra Swenson beautifully orchestrates a mother's lessons of love and loss, while surviving her son's addiction. These daily affirmations and meditations extend support and wisdom to women who have survived childhood sexual abuse.

Parents affected by addiction can enable their children's substance abuse and even model addictive behaviors learned from their own parents, passing the cycle on from generation to generation. Learn what you can do to help yourself, your children, and future generations break the cycle of addiction and addictive behaviors. When the best option is to let go of the life you planned for yourself and find a new path, a world of possibilities can surprisingly open up.

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Learn whether it is time to let go, and if so, how to move through your grief and find your way forward in The Next Happy. The Spanish version of the best-selling more than three million copies sold meditation book for women seeking support and spiritual growth in recovery.

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Daily meditations, reminders, and prayers to help families encourage their recovering alcoholic loved ones. The writings of the Reverend Sam Shoemaker, Episcopal minister, are examined in this volume in the light of their contribution to the principles of Twelve Step recovery. Entitlement is often confused with the word affluenza, a term used to describe the spoiledness of the very rich. But entitlement occurs across all income groups. It's a state of mind, the concept that "I deserve, even without putting in an effort.

Think of the so-called Daily meditations written by judges, lawyers, and elder statesmen helps those in the legal profession.. The Student's Manual of Yoga Anatomy is the essential guide for anyone looking to understand the importance of doing yoga poses correctly in order to maximize the benefit and avoid pain and injury. This first-of-its-kind guided journal from critically acclaimed author Beverly Conyers shows us how the practice of mindfulness can be a transformational addition to recovery from anything and everything.

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Stepping Stones More Daily Meditations for Men from the Best Selling author of Touchstones formerly Wisdom to Know Beginners and old-timers alike in recovery will find affirmation and insight in this small but powerful daily meditation book. The Eye Opener Hardcover A recovery basic since , this daily meditation book offers timeless insight into AA philosophy. Each Day a New Beginning Daily Meditations for Women The best-selling more than three million copies sold meditation book for women seeking support and spiritual growth in recovery. Touchstones A Book of Daily Meditations for Men In this Hazelden classic, daily "touchstones" speak directly to men who are striving for serenity or trying to maintain emotionally and spiritually balanced lives.

The Language of Letting Go Daily Meditations on Codependency In this favorite daily meditation book, Melody Beattie integrates her own life experiences and fundamental recovery reflections especially for those of us who struggle with the issue of codependency. Keep It Simple Daily Meditations for Twelve-Step Beginnings and Renewal Life can be complicated and hectic, but when we keep things simple, we can bring them down to a manageable size.

A Woman's Spirit Each Day a New Beginning became a cornerstone of comfort and inspiration for women everywhere as they began their recovery process, selling more than two-and-a-half million copies since its publication. Tending Dandelions Honest Meditations for Mothers with Addicted Children In the shadows of our child's struggles with addiction, we find ourselves tending to a life for which we weren't prepared.

In God's Care Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery In God's Care guides readers in understanding and strengthening their connection with a Higher Power, however they choose to define that presence.

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Day by Day second edition Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts Originally written for people recovering from alcoholism and other addictions, this classic meditation appeals to anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth. Night Light A Book of Nighttime Meditations This meditation classic gives us a serene, reassuring thought as we end our day and face the night -- or as we face a dark moment in the course of our day. One Day at a Time in Al-Anon Hardcover One Day at a Time in Al-Anon is a book of daily meditations, reminders, and prayers help families encourage their recovering alcoholic loved ones.

Body Mind and Spirit Daily Meditations Through daily quotes, thoughts, and affirmations on the issues encountered in recovery--depression, self-esteem, fear, spirituality, hope -- this book offers practical advice on making positive choices for healing spiritually, mentally, and physically.

God Grant Me More Daily Meditations from the Authors of Keep It Simple This meditation book serves as a steady spiritual companion for individuals making their way along the often-tumultuous recovery journey. Woman Words A Journal to My Self You'll appreciate this non-threatening approach to journaling as a beneficial part of the recovery process. The Way of Our People Weekly Inspiration for American Indians in Recovery from Alcoholism These inspirational meditations, prayers, and stories were written by an Ojibwe Elder and alcohol and drug counselor to speak directly to American Indians about their everyday experience of recovery from alcoholism.

Morning Light A Book of Meditations to Begin Your Day A book of fresh meditations, Morning Light offers beautifully written bursts of inspiration to help you begin each day with renewed self-confidence and serenity. Glad Day Daily Affirmations for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People Addressing the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, Glad Day speaks to the issues that touch everyone, regardless of sexual orientation: change, fear, self-disclosure, faith in a power greater than ourselves, success and failure, openness to ourselves and others.

Days of Healing, Days of Joy Daily Meditations for Adult Children In the days of healing and joy that lie ahead, let this book of daily meditations speak to those in recovery, instilling hope and confidence and courage. Cornerstones Daily Meditations for the Journey into Manhood and Recovery Cornerstones provide the foundation for growth and strength. Answers in the Heart Daily Meditations For Men And Women Recovering From Sex Addiction These meditations guide us to the strength and courage within ourselves that is necessary to face the lingering shadows of sex addiction. A Day at A Time Gamblers Anonymous Hardcover Gamblers Anonymous A Day at a Time is an essential recovery tool for compulsive gamblers,with daily reflections and prayers that offer hope, support, and guidance throughout the year.

Gratitude Inspirations by Melody Beattie Featuring stirring affirmations from Melody Beattie, Gratitude encourages and inspires readers to reconnect with what's truly important in life. Today's Gift Daily Meditations for Families Daily meditations to nurture family esteem and strengthen family bonds. A Hazelden classic.

Free At Last Daily Meditations by and for Inmates Free at Last gives voice to those inmates who have escaped the prison of chemical dependency and offers a promise of hope to other inmates still bound by addiction.

Live and Love Each Day: Daily Meditations for Living Fully

Help for Helpers Daily Meditations for Counselors Written by addiction treatment center staff members from across the country, these daily meditations encourage, comfort, and challenge helpers to understand others and themselves. Twenty Four Hours a Day for Teens 24 Hours Daily Meditations A daily meditation book created to help young people navigate the peaks and valleys of developing an active spiritual life in recovery.

A Life of My Own Meditations on Hope and Acceptance Direct and affirming meditations offer daily access to strength, serenity, and insight. The More We Find in Each Other Meditations for Couples These thought-provoking meditations for couples -- married or single, straight or gay -- explore ways we can strengthen and enhance our relationships.

Daily Meditations for Codependents and Al-Anons.