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Habakkuk 3. Zephaniah 3. Haggai 2. Zechariah Malachi 4. Matthew Mark Luke John Acts So pay attention. Another common mistake people who learn German make, are prepositions. In general, there are no general rules when it comes to this so it is up to your memory. Another mistake is a word-for-word translation. The structure of sentences in German may be different compared to your language. Here is an example. You see, it may have a different meaning or it may be ridiculously wrong.

Pronunciation mistakes are also common. Here are just five of them. These two vowels are considered to be the most difficult to pronounce. This makes it hard for a native German to teach you how to do it.

Practice will make it natural to you. To produce this sound, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth or your hard palate. Surely it is not this easy, you have to get your ear used with sounds, so check as much German language audios as you can. Today technology is on your side.

Make sure you use it efficiently. On the Internet you have a bunch of free online applications that can serve you as perfect tools to boost your language skills. You can access them for free and it takes minutes to have them on your device. Here are some of these applications you should consider:.

You can make flashcards on your own with text, images or sounds or you can download pre-made ones. With Memrise you can learn and socialize at the same time. You can compete with your friends on German. This app also offers other programs, so once you are done with German you can change the subject. This app will help you expand your vocabulary with pictures and also helps to practice your pronunciation.

The app reads questions aloud so you can practice pronunciation. This app is dedicated for practice. You get access to a lot of materials which can help you upgrade your level on German language. Is an app that covers a range of topics. It is focused in vocabulary. It can be used with or without Internet connection. Doulingo is one of the most popular apps for learning German and other languages.

Learning a language normally takes time and you have to be patient with yourself. Using a guide like this one can speed up your language learning process and help you reach your goals faster than you think. But, keep in mind that there is no standard way to learn German because people are different, and they learn differently. So try to find a learning technique that is right for you.

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Pronunciation is always an issue when learning the German language, so make sure you watch plenty of videos on YouTube to get your ears used to hearing German. Download German songs with lyrics and play them often.

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Carry with yourself a personal dictionary and write down any word that comes to mind and you would want to learn in German. Remember, there are a lot of people who are in the process of learning German, so try to get in touch with them and share your language knowledge. There are many online forums where aspiring students gather and discuss how to learn german and practice the language at the same time. Join them and take part in discussions.

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Make this fun. If you want to speed up the process, you can consider paid online courses. Inertia is a universal law; you struggle at first but once you start moving it will get hard to stop. There is no more delightful feeling than activating your brain and overcoming a puzzling problem.