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For grades and older readers. Puppeteer Grisini and his two orphaned assistants are accused of kidnapping when a young girl vanishes shortly after they perform at her twelfth birthday party.

  • Die wettbewerbsbeschränkende Wirkung des Schutzes des geistigen Eigentums in der Europäischen Union. (German Edition)!
  • Rhetoric and Resistance in Black Women's Autobiography.
  • Books by David Burton Flint.

Award-winning author recounts the history of the atom bomb and the race among the United States, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union to build—or steal—the deadly weapon during World War II. For junior and senior high and older readers. Norvelt, Pennsylvania; Twelve-year-old Jack Gantos is spending his summer grounded for various offenses and helping his elderly neighbor. As part of his duties, Jack must perform an unusual chore that involves the newly dead, molten wax, underage driving, and more.

In the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union, ten-year-old Sasha idolizes his father, a devoted Communist. But when the police take his dad away and leave Sasha homeless, he is forced to examine his own perceptions, values, and beliefs. For grades Newbery Honor. Download DB Ten-year-old Ha writes poems to chronicle the life-changing year of , when Ha, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama.

National Book Award. Great Depression, Drifter Gideon Tucker sends his twelve-year-old daughter Abilene to stay with his friend Shady Howard, a saloon-owner-turned-pastor, in Manifest, Kansas, where Gideon grew up. Abilene discovers a cigar box full of papers and odds and ends that lead her to long-held secrets.

Twelve poems invite readers to the cool breezes of the nighttime forest to learn about the moon, mushrooms, trees, raccoons, snails, porcupines, crickets, moths, owls, spiders, efts young newts , and bats. Natural history facts accompany each poem. BR in process. Marooned on a remote island and near starvation, fourteen-year-old Manjiro and four fishing companions are rescued by an American whaling ship. Manjiro joins the crew and is the first Japanese man to come to America. Still, he dreams of going home to be a samurai.

Ol Man River - Mighty Mississippi Part2 - The Secrets of Nature

Oakland, California; Eleven-year-old Delphine and her younger sisters Vonetta and Fern fly out from Brooklyn to spend the summer with their mother, the poet Cecile, who abandoned them years before. Cecile resents their arrival and sends them off to a nearby Black Panther summer camp. Her adventures with her cousins involve a treasure map, a hurricane, and an ornery grandmother. New York City, Twelve-year-old Miranda helps her mother prepare to be on a television game show. Some strong language. Texas, Being the only girl in the middle of six brothers, it is deemed odd that eleven-year-old Calpurnia Virginia Tate Callie Vee does not prefer knitting socks and learning cookery with her mother to roaming outdoors with her naturalist grandfather.

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  5. Minli, an adventurous girl, lives in a poor Chinese village near Fruitless Mountain. Along the way, Minli encounters magical creatures, including a helpful dragon. Newbery Honor Book. After his evil uncle sells his brother Harold to be a soldier in the Civil War, twelve-year-old Homer, a poor but clever orphan, runs away from his home in Maine. Homer has extraordinary adventures en route to Gettysburg as he searches for Harold. A toddler enters a cemetery pursued by the knife-wielding stranger who just murdered his family. Resident ghosts Mr. In the alligator-filled bayous between Texas and Louisiana, long-suffering hound dog Ranger welcomes a stray, pregnant calico cat underneath his rundown porch.

    Recounts the history of Cuba from to in free verse. Various voices reveal the troubled lives of slaves, rebels, nurses, and soldiers in the unending cycle of war. Thirteenth birthdays in the Beaumont family reveal a magical power unique to the honoree. After Fish learns to cause hurricanes and Rocket to make electricity, Mibs eagerly awaits her turn.

    But Poppa has a terrible accident and all Mibs wants is to save him. Nineteen monologues and two dialogues about the ten-to fifteen-year-old sons and daughters of nobility and paupers living near an English manor in Interspersed between dramatic readings are background pieces on medieval customs and events, such as farming, falconry, the Crusades, and pilgrimages. Buxton, Canada; Born free in a settlement for runaway slaves, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman discovers the horrors of slavery when he accompanies Mr.

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    Leroy to Michigan. They track a thief who stole the money Mr. Coretta Scott King Award. Winter Long Island. Seventh-grade Holling Hoodhood knows that Mrs. Baker worries about her husband in Vietnam and introduces a reluctant Holling to Shakespeare. Hard Pan, California: population forty-three. Lucky encounters her five-year-old neighbor Miles, and the three of them have an adventure. New Jersey, Best of all, she reunites her feuding family. Montana, Sixteen-year-old orphan Hattie Inez Brooks arrives at the remote homestead claim she inherited from an unknown uncle.

    She expects hard work but does not anticipate the strong local anti-German prejudice directed at her good neighbors, the Muellers. As the two become friends, Catherine realizes that accepting differences matters more than any rules. Schneider Family Book Award. She and other young teens in her hometown experience new thoughts and feelings, question their identities, and connect and disconnect as they search for meaning in life and love. He further endears himself to the group by ridding the barn of rats. Meanwhile the animals encourage Abby to teach her dyslexic brother, Ben, to read.

    Features personal accounts of members such as Elisabeth Vetter, who betrayed her own parents for objecting to Hitler. When it is decreed that Prince Steffan of Danland will choose a bride from remote Mount Eskel, Miri and all the village girls—including newly arrived Britta—attend a princess academy to prepare them for the potential honor. BR Georgia, s. Twelve-year-old Moose Flanagan moves to Alcatraz Island when his father takes a job at the maximum-security prison there.

    Describes her Philadelphia childhood, intense training, successful career in Europe, triumphant return to America, and setbacks caused by racial discrimination. In Turner Buckminster hates being the son of the new minister in Phippsburg, Maine. Things improve for awhile when he meets Lizzie Bright Griffin, a girl from the poor, nearby Malaga Island community founded by former slaves.

    Despereaux, a small mouse, is condemned to the dungeon for falling in love with human Princess Pea. Despereaux meets the rat, Roscuro, while Mig, an upstairs serving girl, wishes to be a princess, too. All four meet with near disastrous results. Describes the horrific events in Philadelphia in when citywide illness prevented Congress from convening. Thousands of people were dying, many unattended, and physicians of the time were unsure of the cause or treatment of the yellow-fever outbreak.

    In England, the manor steward falsely accuses a thirteen-year-old orphan of murder. Before he runs away, the boy learns his name from the village priest. On the road with Bear, a juggler, Crispin learns who his father is—and the reason the steward wants him dead. When Matt gets a glimpse of his fate, he rebels.

    Some violence and some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. A troublesome foster child, Hollis loves to draw pictures on paper and in her mind. Her favorite is one in which she fits in—with a father, mother, brother, and herself.

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    Now Hollis lives with an artist, but still longs for the summer family that wanted to keep her. Middle school student Roy has just moved from Montana to south Florida. He befriends a boy named Mullet Fingers and his stepsister, who are trying to prevent a pancake-house chain from building a restaurant over a colony of burrowing owls. Twelve-year-old Hattie experiences a tragic summer in when her young, mentally ill uncle Adam comes to stay with her grandparents. Hattie befriends him, but no one knows how to handle his moods, least of all Adam himself.

    When the whole clan becomes involved in producing The Sound of Music, Jake discovers a few positive traits and talents of his own.

    Past Exhibitions - Maquoketa Art Experience

    Tree-ear, an orphan in twelfth-century Korea, spends most of his time foraging for food for himself and Crane-man, an older companion. Covers his start as an orphaned slave eager for education, his friendship with Booker T. Washington, and his career as a researcher at Tuskegee Institute. During the recession fifteen-year-old Mary Alice from Chicago is sent to live with feisty Grandma Dowdel in rural Illinois.

    There she learns about small-town ways and grows to love her grandmother.

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    • On December 13th Jackson County, Alabama was created – names of early settlers.

    Stoop run his restaurant. Soon they become involved in removing the corrupt mayor from office, and Hope finds the father she needs. Ten-year-old India Opal and her preacher dad move to a new town in Florida during the summer.