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Spiritsong Tarot Paulina Cassidy. Tarot of the Little Prince Rachel Paul. Dreaming Way Tarot Kwon Shina. Animal Tarot Cards Doreen Virtue. After Tarot Pietro Alligo. Mystical Manga Tarot Rann. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. The participants use the cards to ask questions of the opposite sex about the future. In some cases the theories are sublime: some purport higher authority or even a secret manuscript as their basis, whilst others rely upon correspondences with cabbalism, astrology, numerology, witchcraft, and so on.

There are several popular fortune telling narratives similar to the Madame Lenormand account found in booklets. It usually runs like this:. Illustration right : card no.

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Dark clouds announce trouble. A crystal ball is also advertised in the booklet, to be sold separately. Note : Mary Greer has shown that the earliest forerunner of the Lenormand cards is a book in English. See her blog: Mary K. Wills, Bristol, and issued by Carreras Ltd in various sizes and formats, and are of the same type as the above example. The cards were printed by chromo-lithography by B. Dondorf in Germany. Right : cards no.

According to the guide booklet, which could be obtained separately, the Cross is always a bad foreboding and warns of bad luck. The Anchor is a favourable sign suggesting fidelity in love, profitable business and an overseas undertaking. The Fish predict good fortune and luck in your undertaking abroad. In fortune-telling circles the card usually indicates events involving someone who is very rich. The Picture Show fortune telling pack was presented with the magazine 'Picture Show' in October , and shows popular personalities of the day as the court cards, whilst the pip cards are combined with zodiac signs or the seasons of the year.

The pack comes as a series of uncut sheets of 16 cards each, printed in red and black only. The full divinatory interpretation for each card - upright and reversed - is printed on the back of the cards. They are presented in a mock snakeskin box.

Jack of Hearts: "Your dearest friend pay attention to the cards nearest " Reverse: "A pleasure loving bachelor; a fickle lover". The pack comprises an ordinary pack of 52 cards, plus one Joker or 'Subject' card, with interpretations printed at the top and foot of each playing card.

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An Instructions leaflet contains a treatise on how to give readings. Jack of Hearts: "A fair man will bring you much happiness" Reverse: "Someone interested in you is fickle". The pack comprises an ordinary pack of 52 cards, plus one Joker, with normal and reversed interpretations printed at the top and foot of each playing card. Above : three cards and wrapper from " Le Petit Cartomancien " fortune-telling cards manufactured by B.

Grimaud , Paris. The miniature playing cards in the top corners depict full-length ' Paris ' type courts, alongside contain divinatory interpretations with images of different personalities below.