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She will finally give herself over to the darkness so she too can be a general of Hell. But how wil their evil plans effect the world of Epitaph?

This issue will be written and drawn by me and colored by Maldad! This will be the first solo Locke story, and while the book focuses on Victor, you will definitely be seeing your favorite Epitaph characters popping in from time to time, especially Fist of God and Rebecca and surely Nightevil, Loren, Hanover and all the bad girls we know you love. You should be seeing Victor Locke next month in the digital format, then later in print. Night Phoenix Press Digital Comics. It's not a joke! We've been steady working to try to bring you digital comics. Now we're finally able to do it.

Our comics start at only. Simply scroll down and click on the one you want and it will download directly to your Kindle or Kindle App. Epitaph: Beginning of the End. Epitaph: Abiding Lilith Alpha. Epitaph: Darksiders 1. Epitaph: Darksiders 2.

Epitaph: Bread and Salt: Beginning of the End

Epitaph: Darksiders 3. Epitaph: Beginning of the. End Collected.

Epitaph: Ultimate Control. Victor Locke: Demon Hunter. Pencil, Ink, Scan! No more need for huge scanners or runs to Kinkos. Perfect for the modern indy comic or manga artist. Click on the images to see more!

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Sometimes you're drawing a comic book. You finish the page and it looks great and now you want to scan it to color and letter it, but it's too big for the scanner, so you have to scan half, then scan the other half and put it together in Photoshop or some other program. Or you're drawing a manga comic.

Sure you can draw it on the smaller paper, but it's still too small to scan. Either way you have to run down to the local printshop and reduce the page. Or you're working with both mediums like many , and some things you originate on paper and some you originate digitally.

Epitaph Bread and Salt: The Darksiders #1

No more having to cut paper or use scrap pieces That's where "Panel Pages" comes in Reduce the art down an inch on all sides to 7 x Just keep all the important art and lettering inside the inner panel I want to produce as high of quality paper as possible, but sale them as inexpensively as I can. Ink drawing of Dracula and LadyBathory from Epitaphbreadandsalt. No promises, but this could happen as soon as next year. VictorLockeDemonHunter ComicBookMovies ComicbookMovie Comicsgate EpitaphBreadandSalt Filmmaking Filmmaker indiefilmmaking filmmakinglife directorslife chicagoyoutubers chicagovloggers chicagofilmmakers chicagocreatives nathynbrendanmasters TimecodeMechanics actionmovies actionfilm martialartsmovies horrormovies Horrorfilms Horrorfilm.

But kept the lenses. It's a great camera even now. Cover for Epitaph Bread and Salt 4 is done. Still working on book 3 , but as you can tell Nightevil's back! The next Epitaph movie will take place after these books.

An oldie, but goodie. Indiefilm horrorfilm SpreadtheHorror TimecodeMechanics Filmmaking Filmmaker canon5dmarkii Canon5DMark2 5DM2 makeup director directorslife chicagoyoutubers Youtube youtuber chicagocreatives creatives nathynbrendanmasters lovewhatIdo filmmakerslife chicagofilmmaker.

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  • Epitaph Bread and Salt: The Darksiders #1 (Issue)!

Thinking about a possible Indiegogo campaign next month for EpitaphBreadandSalt issue 3. My colorist has given me a good rate for the rest of the comicbook , if we go through with it. I'm not really ready for the manga project as that will be a huge undertaking. What do you guys think? A still from the EpitaphBreadandSalt movie. When getting ready to have fist fight with a fallen angel this is the face Victor Locke makes. This is ZombieGirl with the sharp teeth.

I haven't been drawing them for some reason so when she pops up again in Epitaph she'll have them. Guess who's on Comixology! All the Epitaphbreadandsalt comicbooks on sale at www. New comicbooks available at www. A great throwback image from my horror actionfilm epitaphbreadandsalt.

We shot this on the old CanonT3i. Great shot from epitaphbreadandsalt. My first fightscene with martialartist Molly Pan.

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Shot on the CanonHG Films I have planned for next year. Thinking about getting this hoodie for Victor Locke: Demon Hunter. Watching my movie epitaphbreadandsalt on the big screen at the chicagohorrorfilmfestival.

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Back in the day to get depth of field you had to buy special adapters to attach an FDlens to your camcorder. The CanonHG10 was the camera we originally planned to shoot epitaphbreadandsalt with until I was introduced to the 5dmark2 and t3i dslrs. Loved that whole cast. A nice Throwback from when I was getting in shape to play victorlockedemonhunter for the epitaphbreadandsalt movie.

Got to get back to this one day. Me as Victor Locke in the proofofconcept mock up for the epitaphbreadandsalt and victorlockedemonhunter movies based on the Epitaph line of comic books. Zombiegirl from the EpitaphBreadandSalt movie and Epitaph comic. Check it out for free on Youtube.