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Something Positive has implied in a flashbacks that Bun-bun or someone like him was raised by the adolescent Aubrey Chorde. In season 2, episode 9 of the Showtime show, Penn and Teller's Bullshit , a rabbit is mimed being killed. Penn indicates that the rabbit's name was Bun-bun. Bun-bun appears as a spy in the 4X strategy game Master of Orion 3. Aylee is an alien refugee from another dimension capable of changing form to adapt to current circumstances. She first appeared looking like a Xenomorph and attempted to eat the entire crew of a starship in a science fiction parody. Riff and Torg were the only survivors, and she followed them into their world.

Stranded in an alien world, she found herself at a loss what to do, and she eventually became Torg's secretary, though Riff never trusted her. In spite of her ability to adapt physically into virtually any environment, Earth's own peculiarities and its rules against just eating everything that moves causes Aylee to have great difficulties fitting into complicated human life on Earth. This is the source of much of the humour related to her. She is naive and childlike and largely unable to control the appetites associated with her various forms, such as the inclination to eat humans when she is carnivorous.

Though this topic is usually treated lightly, it is also the source of serious conflict. Riff especially fears that Aylee may yield to her species's instincts to destroy and consume, and even as she grows closer to her human friends over the years, he expects he may have to destroy her in the end to save everyone else. Aylee's shape-shifting ability seems to have almost no limits other than that she sometimes needs to cocoon up for a time to perform a more difficult shift. Her forms over the years have been numerous and quite different from each other, though they often have elements reminiscent of a dragon or a Xenomorph.

Usually Aylee's changes signal a plot point in the story, as she reacts to something significant or takes on a form that affects events in itself. Pete Abrams had first not intended Aylee to change forms. The publisher of his books warned Pete there could be problems in continuing use of Aylee because of her resemblance to H.

Giger 's alien, and so Pete came up with the shapechanging ability. Aylee first appeared on October 14, Riff's ferret ; A former lab animal brought to the strip to serve as a more traditional cute animal.

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She is hyperkinetic, has a microscopic attention span, and has a dark past as Dr. Crabtree's test animal. She belonged to Sam for a time after Bun-bun took over the lab and released the animals, then came into the care of Riff. Kiki is like a small child in many respects. Even though she can be annoying at times, most of the other characters, including Riff, Sam and even Bun-bun who tends to be more condescending than hostile to her, labeling her a "tube rat" and often manipulating her , seem to have a soft spot for her, and will help her in times of need.

She has a deep love of shiny things matched only by the shortness of her attention span. After some Halloween strips, Kiki was occasionally fed candy, which for the first time showed her ability to move at supersonic speeds. Bun-bun on more than one occasion has taken advantage of this to weaponize her the ferret- bazooka , as when sugar-powered, she moves fast enough to penetrate solid brick walls.

She also enjoys karaoke , often to the rest of the cast's dismay. Her deepest fear is mangled toast. Kiki seems particularly fond of Bun-bun, and often tries to converse with him, play with him, and otherwise engage him which irritates Bun-bun to no end.

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Oddly, though Bun-bun has attacked Kiki on more than one occasion when she irritated him not a difficult thing to do he has never followed through on any sustained effort to do her serious physical harm. As the gang has moved over the years, Bun-bun and Kiki have lived in the same house, apartment, etc.

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Kiki was also the main character in the "No Content on Saturdays" filler which ran on most Saturdays during Kiki first appeared on December 15, Another friend and housemate; she is as blind as a bat without her glasses. Although she is sardonic, selfish, often violent, and will manipulate people at the drop of a hat, she has proven her loyalty to her friends several times, usually in periods of crisis.

She and Riff have dated in the past, and she is also psychologically conditioned to thump guys who act like jerks. She recently worked at Zomblebee's restaurant. In recent times, she came to regard the rest of the cast as not being her friends and has admitted she believes everyone will hurt her at some point, and that is why she may try to hurt them first.

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She has gained an antagonistic attitude towards Torg, caused by her false belief that he hates her. After a confrontation with one of her Zomblebee's co-workers, who was an actual zombie, she gives Torg a video game and as he declares it, the entire household was friends for a while.

Having been possessed twice by the Voweless, she attempted to drop magic but circumstances keep drawing her back in - manipulation by Bun-bun, her own pettiness, dangerous situations, and the fact that the Book does not want to leave her, once mentally contacting her and telling her it loved her.

She had attempted to use magic to cure her eye problems, but this failed when the essential ingredients, monkeys, were eaten by a zombie. She tried to cure hair problems with magic, resulting in the near loss of souls of most of her friends. Gwynn first appeared on December 28, Sam was turned into a vampire in an early adventure, and he leaves the main group shortly after due to Riff's mistrust.

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He is, for the most part, only shown in the comic through side stories about him. However, from time to time he and the other main characters will cross paths. He is the last remaining member of the Lysinda Circle of vampires , although when this was pointed out to him he renamed it the "Sam Cirkail Mamajama. While he can mesmerize women, this ability cancels out when he tries to use it to seduce them. Sam has now received a subscription-only comic based around his exploits between appearances in Sluggy called Nobody Beats The Sampire.

He was apparently killed by being decapitated by N'aaaw. Oasis first appeared on September 22, She is a pyrokinetic gymnast assassin who is brainwashed to be madly in love with Torg and will kill anyone in her path. She has no memory of her life prior to being brainwashed to love Torg. It was revealed in a September story that she was dropped off at an orphanage at Virginia at age six by a "crazy-looking man", [28] before being adopted by Dr. Steven Hereti a month later; she was just as capable an assassin back then, and did abstract art. It is known that before this, she spent some time at the Orsintos Research Center, which attempted to capture and weaponise ghosts; [29] in the present day, the center is long abandoned and most of its records have been destroyed, and one of Oasis' paintings is in Cell B Its only resident is a ghost trapped within that communicates via cell phone.

She is specially programmed to kill employees of Hereti-Corp, and will drop whatever she is doing and kill them known as "override B-1". She regularly switches from relatively calm and stable to manic and insane and back again. The main characters, at one time, wondered if she was a robot she claimed that "did not compute" , but they have confirmed that she is human by researching her past.

She seems to have repeatedly and mysteriously come back from the dead. An example of her resurrections was seen in the small town of Podunkton. After spending several months there, killing criminals and throwing about very lame puns due to her total boredom, Oasis was shot in the head by an assassin under cover as a reporter named Nash Straw. She was no longer wearing the same clothes she wore when she was shot in the head; instead, she was wearing her standard fighting costume. An unidentified corpse was found in the remains of Nash's car. Following the battle, Oasis mentioned a theory that she is a ghost possessing and altering other people's bodies, [31] and that this is why she reacts in different ways to the same memories and situations following every death.

These demons immediately possess anyone foolish enough to summon them into this world.

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Often, the host undergoes a transformation, becoming similar in appearance to the demon, though they can appear like normal humans if it suits their purposes. Demons generally communicate with each other telepathically, so their avatars are often shown over a faded background of the real world. A shadowy corporate organization that funds questionable scientific research and has its hand in a large number of conspiracies.

After Riff destroyed their Aylee-Clone project and Gwynn revealed their evil for all to see, the corporation was reduced to shambles.

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However, its highest-ranking officers survived and took up jobs at Burger Meister, using that as a springboard to resurrect their company, eventually taking the company over. Thanks to Gennaro's secret cheese recipe, they have rebuilt a new business empire out of the House of Cheese pizza franchise, which is a major financial success; House of Cheese uses the Hereti-Corp "hC" logo, with the intention of provoking Oasis into repeated Override B-1 rampages so they can track her.

They are now aiming at "reclaiming lost programs" and targeting the K'Z'K cult. Reviews Write a review. Filter reviews. Traveler rating. Excellent Very good 0. Average 0. Poor 1. Terrible 0. Traveler type. Time of year. Language English.