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Urban Dictionary: May December Relationship

Glad you discovered some great books. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Want Blog Post Notifications? What resources will the other person have to deal with it? How would you both handle it if someone is disabled in some manner?

Are your wills up to date? Every couple, young or old, may eventually face health challenges.

But the timeline is different for May-December couples. A big age gap puts the health discussion on a faster track, because those issues may become reality sooner than they would for a younger couple. For some people, age can bring changes in their sex drive or sexual performance. This is one of the things most people don't like to talk about, but it doesn't hurt to talk about it.

If sexual issues happen, don't ignore it. Look for a solution, talk openly about it, and get help, if you need it.

And stick with it; it may take some time to work things out, Luster says. Remember, many couples who are close in age are dealing with the same issues.

50 Must-Read Gay Romance Novels | M/M Romances | Book Riot

There's often more to it than age. Address your issues -- with professional help from a counselor, if needed -- but also focus on the positive. What's great about your relationship? Remember all the good things you both bring to the relationship, whether it's the older partner's knowledge and life experience or the younger partner's energy and vigor. Our culture may be somewhat uncomfortable with it, but life in the home won't be uncomfortable at all.

Family Acceptance One of the first barriers you may face is the reaction of your family and friends.


Nineteen years a bachelor and suddenly a very young lady comes on to you strong. There were other bust-ups. She came to the wedding. Then, about six months after we married, I became pregnant by accident. They want to enjoy their last 20 years in comfort and ease. But in , the relationship deteriorated further when they moved to England. She took a full-time job as a development manager for a computer company.

Home became full of anger and reproaches. She was exhausted from the office, he was alienated from his friends back home. Plus he suddenly seemed so old, she says, drained of life and energy — the qualities that had attracted her in the first place. Her image of him had changed, too. His youthfulness had gone, and the age gap suddenly seemed vast. There were tense silences and appalling arguments.

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The psychologist said you can either lie on the couch and watch TV, like other and year-olds, or you can get off your knees, brush yourself down and start again. I did the second.

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They separated in and got divorced the following year. She is now 42, blogs about parenting and relationships on muminawe. Meanwhile, Robert is 72 and lives alone in Surrey.